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If you’re wondering what exactly the Machin Definitive stamp is, you’re probably not alone. But it’s actually one of the most iconic and recognisable images of our Queen - namely the portrait that appears on standard postal stamps.

The first ever postage stamp using this particular likeness of the Queen was issued for the first time in 1967, after the Royal Mail launched a competition to find a new image to use on its stamps.

Sculptor Arnold Machin, who had previously worked on images of the monarch for decimal coinage, submitted a range of options to the panel - six portraits and a total of 70 sketches in all. He was then asked to...

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A growing number of people have had issues when shopping online in the past year, new research has found.

The study conducted by YouGov on behalf of JDA/Centiro found that 56 per cent of the UK adults surveyed had had a problem with online shopping in the past 12 months, up from the 53 per cent recorded a year earlier.

Late delivery was the top complaint, with 42 per cent of shoppers reporting this, while 37 per cent said they had missed a delivery despite being at home. Companies may want to think carefully about the packaging bags they’re using too, given that 24 per cent of consumers said they had received a damaged...

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If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ll know how successful the platform can be in keeping your packaging bags flying out the door to customers. However, for retailers using the platform, there’s a new trend of which you might want to be aware.

Many Amazon customers that receive damaged or faulty products from the global online retail store in the post are finding that they aren’t asked to return the item for a refund. Amazon use this return policy for many of their damaged small value goods which fall under the cost of £10. 

After all, it may be that the cost and times it takes for Amazon to return items to their warehouses and dealing...

For those online shopping addict that purchase from your business, it’s only natural that from time to time, mailing bags arrive, they will find the item isn’t quite right for them and they’ll be keen to return it.

With an ever increasing number of people opting to shop online rather than in store, retailers are doing all they can to make the returns process for their customers as easy as possible. Many retailers which have stores on the high street and also an e-commerce presence now offer their customers the option to return their items brought online directly to their stores. This makes it great for people in a rush.

Some stores...

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We’re used to hearing about limited edition stamp collections commemorating everything from historical events to modern popstars, but it seems as though the world of stamp design is moving to the next level.

There have been some interesting and unusual stamp designs released recently, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the more innovative options to pay to send your packaging bags and their contents to where they need to be.

Firstly, in India where coffee-scented stamps have been released by the India Post, Times of India reported. This isn’t the first time that fragranced stamps have been available to buy, in fact it will be...

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A number of environmental and economic factors are shaping the current packaging market, including growth in the middle class and a trend towards fresh, organic food, an expert has said.

Speaking recently at international packaging fair interpack in Germany, president of the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies Charles Yuska outlined a number of elements that are influencing the market at present.

A growing middle class is creating a higher disposable income, he said, while consumers are becoming more aware of environmental and health issues; there is a growing trend towards clean labelling as well as increasing...

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New figures show that UK households spend more money online than any other country. According to the latest report from the UK Cards Association, British households spent an average of $5,900 (£4,563) online in 2015, compared to $5,400 in Norway and $4,500 in the US.

In 2016, Brits spent a total of £154 billion online, which is an increase of 28 per cent from 2014. There are certain sectors that benefit from online transactions more than others.

The association revealed that entertainment sales make up the highest number of online transactions at 26 per cent, despite only accounting for seven per cent of the total value spent on...

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For businesses who care about the environmental footprint, but also require the use of plastic packaging bags for sending their goods, there may just be good news for you.

According to Packaging News, a new ‘consortium’ of European companies is looking to increase the recycling of flexible packaging materials by advancing design solutions within the UK. This consortium is made up of 34 stakeholders, who each represent an area in the production chain - from those producing the raw materials used in packaging to retailers selling the final packaged products.

Project coordinator Graham Houlder said that the importance of the project...