Amazon’s New Non-Return Refund Policy

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If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ll know how successful the platform can be in keeping your packaging bags flying out the door to customers. However, for retailers using the platform, there’s a new trend of which you might want to be aware.

Many Amazon customers that receive damaged or faulty products from the global online retail store in the post are finding that they aren’t asked to return the item for a refund. Amazon use this return policy for many of their damaged small value goods which fall under the cost of £10. 

After all, it may be that the cost and times it takes for Amazon to return items to their warehouses and dealing with the postage costs this incurs would equate to more than the value of the item.

Critics say this shows the success and value of the company that they are able take on losses of this amount based on the customer’s word alone and no doubt hopes to foster a sense of goodwill from buyers that will keep them coming back.

According to The Sun, many customers have commented on how it demonstrates great customer service and trust, without the hassle of having to travel to their local post outlet to arrange return of a faulty item.

The policy of not returning an item is a standard process for many online stores under a certain value in the US, although it’s thought to be the first time these returning rules have been introduced in the UK. It’s thought that as more customers begin to realise this process some may take advantage, which could ruin it for customers with genuine damaged goods, causing Amazon to remove this way of doing things from their returns policy.

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