Read This And Tell Me How You Feel About Plastic Now!

Read This And Tell Me How You Feel About Plastic Now!

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“Family of the inventor of the plastic carrier bag says they were designed to stop trees from being destroyed.” 

Some very interesting facts in this little video below taken from a BBC News article recently issued.


When you listen to the bigger picture about plastic bags and the reasons why they were invented then our attitude towards them today, you might have a change of heart.  It really is all about education and knowing the bigger picture.  You will find that it is not the plastic that is the problem but the attitude of human nature and how it is dealt with.  It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and start another frenzie in the world of the plastic war.

YES, there is a real problem with plastic pollution today here in 2020. No dispute and nothing to argue about there.  However, it is the attitude of how we deal with it that matters moving forward.  ?
If in 1959 when the plastic bag was invented, the reason being, to save the trees, why are we today, going backwards!


Reduce the amount of plastic bags that we buy.

Reuse the bags that we have in our possession.

Recycle when they are no longer sustainable.

S I M P L E S!

Time to think outside the box and really be aware of your packaging. ?

Happy packaging!

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