Let’s Not Swap One Disaster For Another.

Let’s Not Swap One Disaster For Another.

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We are all fully aware of the plastic crisis in the world today.

It is all talk of let’s get rid of every last piece of plastic that ever dared to put its face on the planet!

Yes, of course, there is a need to clean up our act! But seriously do you think that by replacing ALL plastic that it will suddenly solve the world problem?

Now before you start having a hissy fit, we are not belittling the urgency of the real need for change.

Let’s not swap one disaster for another!

If you think about it......

What would you replace the plastic product with?

Paper Bags?..... okay, how many trees will be sacrificed to give us the quantities we need? How many years will it be before there is a world shortage of trees? How much wildlife will be sacrificed in the making? How bad will it be for the environment when all the trees have gone! Don’t we already have a crisis on our hands with that one — not enough trees!

Glass?..... well did you know that glass is so much heavier to transport and recycle. The emissions that come from the recycling process are far higher than anything plastic has to offer.

Realistically, what we should be looking at is how to use less packaging and plastics. How to reuse more than we do already.

Also, did you know that covering a cucumber in plastic wrapping gives it 10 more days shelf life..... and rotting food emits far more toxins than the plastic wrap! .....Food for thought (no pun intended).

Also, the recycling process is so confusing for people. Knowing what plastics can be recycle and what can’t is a real struggle! We need more clarity in that area for sure.

There is so much confusion and such a huge lack of knowledge and understanding of the whole topic.

Like we said, YES there is a problem with the pollution and lack of recycling but let’s keep this real.

There were some very interesting reports in the news this week and it does look like people are starting to see sense amongst all the frenzies.

Some amazing work has been done already but we all need to take responsibility with the way forward.

Common sense and education and making sure we don’t let history repeat itself in the coming decades ~ that is where we need to be!

Here at Poly Postal Packaging we are passionate about getting it right.

We have full disclosure about all aspects of our environmental policy and all our products are marked to show you how they are made and what the recycle properties are. There are no grey areas (except in our grey mailing bag section of course)!

Happy packaging!

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