One Way To Win Your Customers Loyalty ~ Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging

One Way To Win Your Customers Loyalty ~ Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging

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There are many ways to win loyal customers who will return time after time.  In today’s environment we need to show that we are making the effort to adjust and adapt like everyone else.

Saving our precious planet has become a ?1 priority along with the way of thinking within everything we do.  Moving forward in 2020 we need to show that we all care and we are all doing our bit to help the environment.

Within your postal packaging solutions you can start by thinking about what and how much you are using.  Simply by NOT overusing you can help the environment enormously.  How many times do you open a delivery only to find that the packaging solutions used out weigh the contents?  Not wanting to name and shame, but AMAZON are among the worst offenders.  In their rush to meet targets and get your goodies out ASAP it is fill the first box that comes to hand with as much fill as you can and get the item moving along! The waste, whether it is recyclable or not, is immense!

There are many ways you can do ‘your bit’ for the environment.

1. Think about the size of box, or indeed if you need a box, maybe a mailing bag would suffice! They can be recycled too and now you can buy mailing bags that go all the way with helping the planets best interests.

2. Recycle what you have already!

3. Think about your ‘void fill’ ~ use materials that are environmentally friendly.

4. Use less and have the same result.

5. Think outside the box!

You can still give your customers a great experience and be packaging environmentally friendly at the same time.

A little thought can go a long way!

Happy packaging!

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