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We manufacture and stock a huge range of cello bags, also known as PP and CPP bags.  Cello bags or cellophane bags as they used to be known and are still called in some instances, are made from a film substrate know as polypropylene.   Polypropylene comes in two main forms which are OPP, (Orientated Polyprop and CPP Cast Polyprop).   We also now can make these type bags from PLA (Poly Latic Acid) which is a 100% Biodegradable & Compostable film.  OPP is typically used for Greetings card packaging and bags but Cast Polyprop can also be used for the same products.  OPP just gives you a sharper, neater edge to the bag than that of CPP but is a bit more brittle and only available in two gauges 30mu & 40mu.  Listed in this catergory we have our stock range of PP bags for greetings cards or display or packaging bags. 

If you would like to order a size which is not listed below, then just call or send us an email and we will list it for you.

Polypropylene Cello Bags 412 x 508 + 40mm Lip - 16.25 x 20 + Lip - Qty 100

Polypropylene Cello Bags 412 x 508 + 40mm Lip - 16.25 x 20 + Lip - Qty 100


Now packed in 100s 16.25" opening x 20" depth + Lip with reseal peel and seal 412 x ..

£11.00 or less Ex VAT: £9.16

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