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Bubble Bag Inserts - 420 x 520mm - 16.5 x 20 - 50 Bags Per Pack

Brand: Poly Postal Packaging Ltd
Product Code: PPP/BB/Insert/5
Unit: 50 Inserts
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Bubble Bag Inserts - 420 x 520mm - 16.5 x 20 - 50 Bags Per Pack

Use our clear bubble bag inserts to reduce your packing time and waste.  Does away with the hassle of having to cut and tape sheets of bubble film or the need to have to buy the more expensive Jiffy/aroFOL Style Paper Bubble Lined Bags.

Just pop your item into the bubble insert bag and then slide it into your Polythene Mailing Bag and seal!  Job Done

Made from tough medium duty 55gsm film

Soft and flexible

Bubble Size: Standard Small 10mm dia x 4.5mm height

Product Specifications:

Size in mm:   420 x 520 + 5/10mm Overhang Lip +/- tolerances

Size in inches:   16.5 x 20 + 0.2/0.4inch Overhang Lip +/- tolerance

Ideal for use with: These Bags

Opening:   On the 420mm side

Qty Per Box/Pack:   50 approx

Weight Per Bag:   Approx  10 grams +/-

Environmental Impact:  These inserts are 100% Recyclable.

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