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It can't be that hard to choose the correct Packaging Tape right?  Well there are several different types available from Poly Postal Packaging Ltd and we thought it would be useful to give you some information to help you choose wisely and buy the correct tape for the job in hand:

Packaging Tape is available in a full range of materials and sizes to suit your every need.  General purpose packaging tape is the most cost effective way to secure your parcels and boxes available in a choice of buff brown or clear to create the finished look you require.

Standard Widths of Carton Sealing Tape available are:  ( mm's x meters )
    •    12mm x 66m
    •    18mm x 66m
    •    19mm x 66m
    •    24mm x 66m
    •    25mm x 66m
    •    48mm x 66m
    •    48mm x 132mm

Deciding what you want to use the packaging tape for is a good place to begin:

Light parcels and general packaging.

Surfaces: Non-Recycled, Paper, Polythene, cardboard, Plastic
Environments:  Dry, Normal

If you need your tape to stick to polythene or virgin paper (non-recycled) on light packages, then there’s no harm in saving money by choosing an economy or unbranded tape. Just to be clear though,  this tape is low density polypropylene film with acrylic adhesive –  it will not stick well to recycled board and should only be used where the ambience is dry and consistently room temperature.   Various widths are available and many come in both buff and clear.

For general everyday use - such as new boxes, polythene, recycled, cardboard and plastic:

Surfaces: Non-Recycled, Paper, Polythene, Recycled, cardboard, Plastic
Environments:  Dry, Normal, Damp, Cold

Tapes such as Vibac are good quality tapes that are suitable for most packaging needs.  Use them on medium weight packages and they stick reliably to a wide range of surfaces, including recycled cardboard and polythene. Because the Hot Melt adhesive is water resistant, you can also use them in cold and damp environments, such as for sealing food cartons.  

If you need stronger tape for heavy and challenging conditions:

Surfaces: Sticks to most surfaces
Environments:  Dry, Normal, Damp, Cold, Freezing, Warm, Extreme Dry

Check out our 3M 371, Adhesive Gummed paper and Crossweave Tapes.  These tapes really do perform well in most every condition.  The Hot Melt rubber resin adhesive is the best available and will stick to just about any surface that is dry and clean. If your application area is damp, with below freezing temperatures, then tapes of this kind are for you and you’ll be pleased to know they perform just as well in warm and extremely dry environments too.

Low Noise Tape:

If you are working in an environment where you have to KEEP THE NOISE DOWN then we offer low noise tapes in our general ranges.

Printed Warning Tapes:

We carry a stock of pre-printed warning tapes with wording such as ‘FRAGILE’, ‘CONTENTS CHECKED & SECURITY SEALED’ and ‘GLASS HANDLE WITH CARE’.  Ideal for when getting the message across to the couriers is really important!

Custom Printed Tape:

We can supply Custom Printed Packaging Tape that provide a range of benefits to your sales and despatch of goods.
    •    You seal the box
    •    Your pack is tamper evident
    •    You advertise and promote your company name
    •    You provide re-order information right down to your customers warehouse, where the re-ordering process starts
We can print the full range of packaging tapes and so can supply all sectors of the market from high speed automatic packing lines to the smaller hand sealing operations.

Widths available:  12mm / 19mm / 24mm / 48mm / 72mm / 96mm / 144mm

Lengths available:  66m / 132m / 330m / 990m / 1056m

We can print any special size upon request
    •    In house artwork studio
    •    Competitive lead time 7/10 days
    •    Capacity to print on to vinyl pvc, Hot Melt polypropylene, low noise polypropylene, solvent polypropylene, gummed paper tape, non adhesive polythene, laminated tape, laminated and perforated tape, heavy duty tape, superwhite vinyl pvc tape.
    •    Up to 3 colours

Click here for details of our custom printed tape.

And last but by no means least where would you be without tape dispensers:


A tape dispenser makes light work of carton sealing, enabling you to streamline your packaging operation and increase productivity. We stock a choice of tape dispensers for use with our standard sizes of parcel tape.

Where do you find these on our website?  Well HERE is good place to start or click on the individual related products below for specific product information and pricing.

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