Pallet Wrap, Stretch Film And Mini Wrap

Pallet Wrap also known as stretch wrap or stretch film adheres to itself and can be applied by hand, by a pallet wrap dispenser or by machine wrap

Cast of Blown?

Blown stretch film, or blown stretch wrap as it's also known, is created by blowing heated resin out vertically into a bubble. The bubble is then transformed into rolls while it is cooled by the surrounding air.  Cast Stretch film or cast stretch wrap as it's also known, is created by feeding a sheet of heated resin along a rolling path with chilled rollers. The cooling solidifies the film, and it is made into large rolls.  We stock both Blown and Cast pallet wrap.

Blown film is tougher and has less of a chance to puncture than cast. This occurs due to the slower cooling process, which allows the molecules in blown film to spread out as opposed to aligning in long lines like in cast. Blown film also has a higher level of cling (think Reynolds Wrap) than cast, making it stick to itself easier.

So, why would anyone use cast film? Cast stretch wrap has a clear, glossy finish allowing RFID and other scanning technology to be used with it while blown is hazy and dull. Cast stretch film unwinds much quieter than blown. It is also easier to stretch and control the gauge with cast film.

Pallet stability is a vital consideration in any shipping movement, so we strongly recommend our strong and reliable stretch wrap. Whether you're looking to secure a single pallet or a complete container load, you need to do the job properly with our pallet wrap. We have a range of stretch film to suit all needs and all applications.

Types of Stretch Film & Pallet Wrap

  • Standard Pallet Wrap 
    Pallet wrap is a strong plastic film that is easily stretched around your goods and securely adheres to itself. Applied by hand or using a hand-held dispenser.
  • Extended Core Pallet Wrap 
    Stretch wrap with an extended core can easily be applied without a dispenser, as it can be held by the cardboard core.
  • Machine Stretch Wrap 
    Very large rolls of pallet wrap, designed to be used with stretch wrap machinery.
  • Security Stretch Film 
    Opaque black pallet wrap prevents your goods from being identified once wrapped on the pallet.
  • Mini Stretch Wrap 
    Convenient 10cm wide rolls of stretch wrap. Ideal for wrapping small products.

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