Mailing Bags

We manufacture a massive range of polythene mailing bags and postal bags.  All of our mailing bags are either 100% recyclable or 100% degradable and are split into these catergories from our main catergory "Mailing Bags & Postal Bags" on the left.  Here are those which may be suitable for sledges
Our recyclable mailing bags are manufactured from the best quality material available and come in a range of colours, as do our degradable mailing bags which can be stocked in their original packaging for well over 18 months.  So no need to worry about them degrading before you use them
We also do a range of very popular grey envelopes which are manufactured using our special blend of recycled film.  These bags are also 100% degradable
To learn more about the Royal Mail formats for size and weights of sending post including PiP (pricing in proportion), then click HERE.

Specification:  All sizes and thicknesses are approximate.  Standard tolerances are in line with industry standards.  However, note in particular that bag width may vary by +/-3mm or +/-3% and bag depth by +/-3mm or +/-3% which ever is the greater.  Where size is critical, a sample of the product to be packed must be submitted to us in order to agree size tolerances before the acceptance of your order.

Thickness/Gauge/(mu):  +/-10% by weight.
Quantity Variation:  The quantity despatched and charged for and to be regarded as completion of order (subject to part shipped orders) may vary from that ordered by +/-10%.  All mailing bags are labelled as approx. in line with the industry standards.  If you require that your packs of mailing bags are supllied as exact qty figures, ie 50 or 100 etc, then please get in touch for details.

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