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Clear C4 Recyclable Blockheaded Mailing Bags 30mu/120gauge 9 x 12, 230 x 305 + Lip, Qty 1000

Clear C4 Recyclable Blockheaded Mailing Bags 30mu/120gauge 9 x 12, 230 x 305 + Lip, Qty 1000
Brand: Poly Postal Packaging Ltd
Product Code: C4/CLR/32/BH/REC
Unit: 1000 Bags
2 or more @ £34.00 per unit (see above).
5 or more @ £33.00 per unit (see above).
10 or more @ £32.00 per unit (see above).
20 or more @ £30.00 per unit (see above).

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Clear C4 Recyclable Blockheaded Mailing Bags 30mu/120gauge 9 x 12, 230 x 305 + Lip, Qty 1000

Totally Clear Blockheaded Mailing Bags, Economy Lightweight Blockheaded Postal Mailers.   Ideal for getting your brochure noticed. High performance recyclable films with excellent clarity. Typically used for brochures, magazines and catalogues, they offer substantial savings in postage as they are lighter than paper, waterproof and still strong. Available in a variety of standard stock sizes.

Blockheaded bags come in blocks of 100 bags for example, where you tear each bag off the block or wickett.  Typically used in packing house or operations where speed is of the essence.

All clear blockheaded mailing bags come with a self seal lip which has a permanent glue tape strip on it.

Free samples on request - Just Get In Touch.

Advice & Usage Guide

Use;  We can manufacture plain and printed blockheaded mailing bags in blocks of 25 to 250.  The block is an extra piece of polythene which sits above the lip of the mailing bag and is melted to the one below it.  Block headed bags work in a similar way to wicketted bags but instead of a piece of wire wicket keeping the bags together, the bags are held together by a welded top header.  There are two holes on the block header so that the bags can be hung up for ease of use.  Below the welded header each individual mailing bag can then be torn off via a perforated line, much like the bags you find in supermarkets for bagging your fruit or veg. 

  • Perfect for fast moving packing and fulfilment lines
  • Ideal for speed and ease of packing

Storage;  We recommend that mailing bags with Permanent Tape are stored at a temperature of 15 - 20 degrees and 50% relative Humidity.  If the ambient temperature falls to less than zero - 5 degrees then you should ensure that you have a means of warming the mailing bags in use.  This because the very cold temperature hardens the glue and so it takes longer to form a bond with the film.

Extra Padding?;  If you feel that you could do with a bit more protection for your products in transit due to them being fragile or delicate, then why not try our bubble inserts with these mailing bags.  You don’t even need to buy the same qty to match as you can pick and use when you feel you need to using bubble lining when shipping your goods!  Alternatively we stock bubble wrap and boxes.

Product Specifications:

Construction: Totally clear with 1 x half moon perf. hole at base of bags.

Size in mm:   230 x 305 + 38mm Lip + BH,  +/- tolerance.

Size in inches:  9 x 12 + Lip +/- tolerance.

Opening:   On the 230mm side.

Glue:   Permanent Hot Melt x 1 Strip on the lip.

Thickness of the Poly:   32mu/128 gauge.

Qty Per Box/Pack:   Packed in cartons of 1000 or 3000 .  100 bags Per Block

Weight Per Bag:   Approx 6 grams +/-

Environmental Impact:  These bags are 100% Recyclable.  [Read our Environmental Policy].

Royal Mail Postal Category:   Large Letter (depending on thickness of contents).

Free Sample? -  Sure, just ask.  Telephone 01522 300591, E-mail us direct, use our Get In Touch page, or use Live Chat.