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Single Integrated Label 110 x 76mm Style B - Qty 100

Brand: Poly Postal Packaging Ltd
Product Code: Style B - 13695/Qty 100
Unit: 100 Labels
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Single Integrated Label 110 x 76mm Style B - Qty 100

100 x Single Integrated Label Style B is our most popular single integrated label. It includes a removable self-adhesive area so you can print an address label on the same sheet as your customer invoice.

The label is 110mm x 76mm which is large enough for address information and PPI details.

The label is positioned 10mm from the left and foot of the page making it suitable for use with most e-tailer software programmes

Label Dimensions:  110mm wide x 76mm deep

Label Position:  10mm in from left hand edge and footer

Paper Specification:  Market leading high tack hot melt adhesive on a 90gsm high white pre-print laserbond premium paper, shrink wrapped for protection from dust and moisture

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