Times they are a changing.....

Unfortunately, sometimes good things must come to an end; this one though - it’s for the greater good...
Our popular garment bag range, code prefix SB- extending to the ‘/DEG and ‘/SL suffix have now been discontinued*. When current stocks are gone, they’re gone!

BUT...this IS a popular range, so we won’t leave you without a solution....

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing the ‘RSLDSB- range, you will find full specifications below. In short, we have taken the foundation of our equally popular LDSB- Garment/Amazon FBA compliant range and reformulated the film to include 30% Post Industrial Waste’ LDPEretained the Air Release Holes and Anti-Static Re-Sealable Adhesive Strip from the entire ‘SB- range and sticking with the common 11 language printed child suffocation warning notice’ shared by all legacy ranges mentioned. Our experience in the market and desire to promote smarter use of flexible plastics, lead us to see that changing the material and reducing the range down from 4 to 2 simpler and more sustainable choices was the most logical decision in the current market.  Just for added peace of mind, the ‘LDSB-‘ and ‘RSLDSB- ranges are printed with 100% Vegetable based inks which contain zero traces of Mineral Oils (MO) so the incoming ban on MOs in French territories will not be applicable.

*We can of course supply ‘SB- bags*, subject to Minimum order qty’s, if you just can’t live without them. Any orders for 100% virgin film will be subject to a surcharge of at least £0.20p per kilo in line with the Plastic Tax, this surcharge will take effect as of April 1st, 2022.

Spec Sheet and decision-making logic:

Poly Postal Packaging Ltd strive to fulfil our duty in guiding the consumer to better use, handling and disposal of flexible plastics and we are focused in leading the way into the wider marketplace, the decision to discontinue 2 popular products came purely from a sustainability and quality delivery standpoint.

In line with the April 2022 Plastic Tax, we have chosen, as a company, to produce all of our plastic products with a minimum of 30% recycled ‘Post- Consumer’ (PCW) or ‘Post-Industrial’ (PIW) waste polymers. Roughly 65% of our current stock holding of circa 18mil bags, already contains this minimum of 30% Recycled content required to not garner any enhanced taxation as laid out in the legislation. Our entire Grey range for example is 85% PCW and has been for a number of years. We are currently running down the last of our 100% Virgin Plastic stock and will only manufacture 100% Virgin Plastic products by explicit request of the customer, if no preference is stated prior to commencement of manufacturing a min. 30% recycled content will be our standard, PCW or PIW will be chosen dependant on requirements of the finished bag using our expertise in this field. Any orders for 100% virgin film will be subject to a surcharge of at least £0.20p per kilo in line with the Plastic Tax, this surcharge will take effect as of April 1st 2022.

Based on that decision, others had to be made. Polypropylene does not give the results we required in order to deliver a quality product with the addition of our new standard of including 30% recycled content. In addition, the degradable additive used in the manufacturing process of Oxo-Biodegradable plastic products (including our ‘/DEG’) range is slowly being phased out around the world due to potential environmental concerns, as it must be committed to certain conditions in order to degrade to a level that we would be led to believe is possible. The reality, unfortunately, is that some ends up buried deep down in landfill, where oxygen is not available to fuel the process, it will remain there as ordinary plastic would, 100% intact. Oxo-Biodegradable material also cannot be recycled and if put into the recycling system would ‘contaminate’ any other waste it is placed with and could potentially leave other perfectly recyclable material, useless and sent for destruction. Kerbside and local drop off recycling point availability for flexible ‘non Oxo-biodegradable’ plastics are becoming far more prevalent thanks to UK supermarkets driving the charge with bins in their lobbies.



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