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The Environmentally Friendly 100% degradable & Re-usable mailing bag - This is our new revolutionary mailing bag. The only TRUE GREEN !! Mailing bags available in the UK.

We have ensured with Degradamailer®, that we have manufactured them to be as environmentally friendly as possible. First, we use a min of 35% of recycled films when extruding the polythene film which is used to manufacture Degradamailer®. This means that we have used less energy to produce the film.

Secondly, we have added to the Degradamailer®, our revolutionary 100% Degradable Biothene. This means that the Degradamailer® will degrade and naturally biodegrade within 12-18 months subject to conditions of landfill, water, heat and air.

Thirdly, we have added the benefit of being able to re-use the Degradamailer®. Instead of having the industry standard 1 x permanent self adhesive glue strip on the lip of the mailing bag, we have made the lip bigger on Degradamailer® and put 2 on. Along with printed instructions on how to open the bag, if followed, this means that the recipient of the Degradamailer®, can if they wish re-use the bag.

Degradamailer® is manufactured in an olive green film.  You cannot see through the film at all! We also incorporated a white write on franking panel, for ease of addressing, labelling, stamping the Degradamailer®

The Degradamailer® starts to degrade upon exposure to UV light and/or heat and then continues to biologically degrade, even if kept in the dark. Having said that, once we have manufactured our Degradamailers and packaged them for sale, they can still be stored for up to 18 months.


Specification:  All sizes and thicknesses are approximate.  Standard tolerances are in line with industry standards.  However, note in particular that bag width may vary by +/-3mm or +/-3% and bag depth by +/-3mm or +/-3% which ever is the greater.  Where size is critical, a sample of the product to be packed must be submitted to us in order to agree size tolerances before the acceptance of your order.

Thickness/Gauge/(mu):  +/-10% by weight.
Quantity Variation:  The quantity despatched and charged for and to be regarded as completion of order ( subject to part shipped orders ) may vary from that ordered by +/-10%.  All mailing bags are labelled as approx in line with the industry standards.  If you require that your packs of mailing bags are supllied as exact qty figures, ie 50 or 100 etc, then please contact us for details.


Reusable Mailing Bags 13 x 19, 330 x 485 + Lip - Qty 50

Reusable Mailing Bags 13 x 19, 330 x 485 + Lip - Qty 50


Advice & Usage Guide Use;  The bags will arrive folded or laid flat in an outer Carton.&..

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