Did You Know You Have To Be A Mindreader And Magician In The Packaging World?

Did You Know You Have To Be A Mindreader And Magician In The Packaging World?

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Branding your postal packaging solutions is something we do really well here at Poly Postal Packaging Ltd.

We pride ourselves with the level of customer service we provide.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, we have to produce branded mailing bags out of thin air. We really do...... ;)

Customer: “We would like 2500 purple bags with our logo and website on please.”
PPP (Poly Postal Packaging): “Okay, no problem,” we say. “Can you please send us your artwork?”
Customer: “Artwork? But we don’t have any. Can’t you just take it from the website?”
PPP: “No we need the original artwork so we can create print-ready proofs for the printer that will look clean, crisp and fresh with your logo”.
Customer: “Okay I will get that over to you.”

Then guess what comes next? We get an email with a screen shot from their website...... Customer: “Please find our artwork attached .”


When we go back and explain why we need the original, you know, for colours and exact fonts etc..... the penny starts to drop. At this point, we do get “oh can’t you just make it up from the screen shot?”..... err mmm... NO!

We are not mind readers nor are we magicians in the world of packaging.

We can resize, we can adapt your artwork to fit whatever packaging solution you want, mailing bags, packaging tape, envelopes, labels...you get the picture.

But, we cannot second guess your exact colours, fonts, and branding..... much as we would love to!

Can you imagine if Coca-Cola said, “print us several thousand mailing bags with our logo on please and just guess the artwork, font and colour, it will be okay.”..... I don’t think so..do you?

You would be surprised how many times this happens.

If you do not have a logo or any branding as yet, then that is a different matter, we can design and get your approval before print.

Having the artwork to hand saves so much time in the whole process.

Once your bags are printed, if wrong, there is no going back!

There really is a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to get your branding just spot on.

We pride ourselves in producing your postal packaging to be the best representative of you and your business.

If you have any questions on personal branded mailing bags/postal solutions, please get in touch and we can guide you through the process.

Have a great day folks and happy packaging.

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Chat soon folks, enjoy the rest of your week.


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