Looking To Fill That Void In Your Packaging?

Looking To Fill That Void In Your Packaging?

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Have you ever wondered what is the best thing to use for filling that void in your packages just before posting?

That something to serve a purpose and keep your goods safe and secure!

Well, have you ever considered ‘Void Fill’, great name, yeah! Does exactly what it says on the tin (no tin was used in the making of this product!)

Just arrived here at PPP HQ today is a fresh supply of just that and we have great new colours too!

Loose Fill Eco Fill Void Fill

“When transporting items that do not quite fill the box in which they are placed, using loose fill chips or void fill is important to protect against potential damage from occurring.

The UK’s №1 loose fill, Eco Flo is made from gm free starch and is 100% biodegradable.

Unlike all other loose fills on the market, Eco Flo is compostable (EN13432) and independently proven to offer better all round protection than polystyrene loose fill.

When packed, the odourless, white/pink/blue Eco Flo chips form an impenetrable barrier around the product, which prevents it from migrating to the bottom of the carton.

The chips surrounding the product provide high level shock and impact protection for your goods, which eliminates breakages.”

Eco Flo guarantees this superior performance for all products; from delicate fine china and sensitive electronic equipment to heavy mechanical component

Looking at the amazing colours, another use for this product springs to mind…..see if you can guess where I am going with this one!

We have ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ Eco Flo ……… you got it yet?

Those ever popular ‘baby gender reveal’ parties could benefit from this in a big way.

It is the right colour and light weight too!

Imagine the fun you could have with the big reveal using these eco friendly chips to make your big announcement!

Afterwards you could use the chips to send out to your friends and family who could not attend the party and let them know who is coming.

Other benefits to using these Eco Flo chips apart from the environmentally friendly approach, is the fact that they are so light weight, easy to transport and they will keep your cost of postage down too!

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