Confused About What Postal Packaging To Use?

Confused About What Postal Packaging To Use?

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We Can Help With That!

Are you at a loss to even know where to start with your postal packaging solutions?

Well, you are not alone.

There really is so much to take into consideration.

  1. What will I need?
  2. How much will I need?
  3. What will be best for protection for the goods?
  4. What is best for the environment?
  5. How long will I have to wait?
  6. What choices do I have?

  1. What will I need… okay, what do you actually need in the way of postal packaging. You have to think about the bigger picture here and work out what you need for the inside to protect your goods in transit. Then you have the outer packaging. e.g. Will a box be good for the job or will a mailing bag be best? Then of course, you come to the packaging tapes to secure the final result, remembering you won’t need any if you are going with the good old mailing bags! Food for thought!
  2. How Much Will I Need… this is a good question! Quantity is so important. Like most things in life, the bigger the quantity the cheeper the price. However, here at Poly Postal Packaging, we cater for the smaller quantities too.. Why buy 1000s when you only need a few! It is not rocket science. At the same time, it can be cost effective to buy the larger quantities when, over time, you know you will use them. Costing -v- quantity is something to think about, more so with the custom printed packaging.
  3. What will be the best protection for the goods… now this bit can be fun! well, okay, maybe that is stretching it a bit far! But, you sure can have fun with bubble wrap! Reminds me of the when the new warehouse guy started. We took delivery of a new order of 200 rolls of bubble wrap, and our rolls are huge, when it arrived we told the new bloke to go and pop the bubble wrap it in the corner…..we haven’t seen him for weeks! …. thank you ~ we are here all week! Joking apart, the protection for you goods is a serious matter and does need some consideration. Depending on what you are transporting depends of what you need. Tissue papers, for example, will be great to enhance the look, feel and overall customer experience yet will be no good for transporting the finest bath salts in the world. Lining the inner carton maybe but wrapping the salts, just no! Just as bubble wrap would be great protection for those fragile valuables but no good for wrapping your best branded t-shirts! Common sense prevails on this one!
  4. What is best for the environment…In today’s society the environment is so important too. You can read all about our full environment police over on our website. Whilst we take every effort to make sure things are moving in the right direction, there are times when only the good old polythene mailing bag will do! We take this matter seriously and you can see that from the full disclosure on the website as to what our packaging materials are made from and how best to recycle them all.
  5. How long will I have to wait…here at Poly Postal Packaging, if supply allows, place your orders online with us before 3 pm (week days) your goods are shipped out the same day! Obviously if you are ordering custom printed packaging or anything bespoke you will have to wait a bit longer. Simply get in touch with us to talk about that one!
  6. What choices do I have…Well now… we cater for all postal packaging solutions here, everything you need from inside the box to outside the box. You postal packaging supplies are all under one roof here at Poly Postal Packaging in Lincolnshire. We will supply everything from mailing bags, postal boxes, bespoke boxes and bags and everything in between! We mean everything… tissue papers, bubble wrap, wood wool, void fill, packaging tapes, pallet wrap, envelopes, gripseal bags, money bags…. and so much more! If you are trying to source something you can’t find on our website, get in touch and ask, we will try our very best to source it for you!

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